A New Chapter

Summer 2019 has been the beginning of a new chapter in life. It’s been very exciting and stressful. I’m quite glad that it has begun to settle down now.

I moved out of a student house and into a flat with my boyfriend, moved away from Plymouth to Bristol, and started a new job at a children’s cancer charity. Lots of very good changes for me, and I am now in a much more stable place after a year of being in limbo. I find limbo the most stressful place to be. I like knowing what’s going on, although I never have a plan – God laughs and all that.

Words cannot express how much I love my new job. I now work for the charity that helped me and my family when I was having chemo, and have had so many full-circle moments thus far and such passion for doing the best job I possibly can. I even have a certificate from the charity’s Christmas Card Design Competition I won when in treatment on my desk at work. I think I’ll write a separate post on how this job has impacted my remission life at a later date; for now I just want to update y’all on why I’ve been less active on here over the summer – and to let you know that I am back with lots of new things to share to hopefully help others.

I keep seeing the ‘your story could become a page in someone else’s survival guide’ quote and knowing that I need to keep writing!

See you all soon,


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