Such wonderful problems to have

I just wanted to put it out there that I fully acknowledge how privileged I am to have the issues I discuss on here.

More children are now surviving cancer (and making it into remission) than ever, which has opened the window of opportunity to live a life like mine, and I’m eternally grateful.

The reason I discuss the issues I face is because remission life comes with its own problems, which are important to talk about in order to change the conversation. As a teenager, I was greatly affected by the current way we talk about it, which led to a lower quality of remission life due to chronic depression catalysed by survivors guilt. I want to improve quality of remission life for all by trying my hardest to change the way we speak about it now.

So, when reading my posts, please keep in mind that if I sound like I’m complaining, I’m just commenting on things we have the power to change, and that my overall mission is to improve quality of remission life! By putting my experiences out there, I hope others can avoid spiralling into depression as I did as a teen, and we can enjoy our lives to the fullest.

All my love,


One thought on “Such wonderful problems to have

  1. Believe me Sophie, you don’t sound like you’re complaining at all and opening up this conversation can only be a positive for the future of anyone suffering from cancer or living in remission x


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